The reason diets and New Year’s resolutions don’t work is because many people treat a healthy lifestyle as a chore. Instead, take control of your health from that center of passion and fun, and motivation will be less of a problem. Here are a few strategies and ideas to build that healthy hobby and keep the fire burning.

Cultivate what you already love to do: This is the first rule in any healthy lifestyle. If you want to boost your cardiovascular activities, but loathe running, choose an alternative that you actually enjoy and make it the centerpiece to your physical activity. If hiking, swimming or bicycling are more appealing to you, embrace it.

Invest in yourself on vacation: When viewing your vacation time through this lens, possibilities open up. You might choose a summer vacation at a health and wellness retreat such as New Life Hiking Spa, where you can immerse yourself in healthy living, with hiking, nutritious food and build new friendships with fellow travelers who also desire a healthy jump-start in their lives. On vacation getting healthy is not a chore, but more of something to look forward to. In addition to that, there’s the novelty aspect. New experiences stimulate learning, which will reinforce your new habits and give you a nice push ahead.

Be social: You already know that if you schedule a workout with a friend, you are more likely to show up and push yourself to complete a good workout. So you can see how joining a community and being around others who enjoy what you do can add a special ingredient to your healthy hobby. Whatever you want to build in your life, find a friend. Enroll in a cooking class or sign up for that hiking club!

Challenge yourself with new activities:  You can apply the concept to many healthy lifestyle activities. If your menu is getting stale, try new styles of food. Try an Indian cooking class or challenge yourself to eat a new healthy dish each day for one month.

There are so many ways to make a healthy lifestyle your hobby!  Why not start with coming to the #1 Destination Spa in the United States?  Book by July 29, 2016 and get an additional discount off our already affordable rates.

New Life Hiking Spa & Wellness Retreat is suspending the 2020 season.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  Please read the full statement on our blog.