New Class for 2017 — Barefoot Hiking in the Snow!

There is a certain feeling you get when your bare feet hit the earth.   A connection with nature and a feeling of being grounded are experienced.  It’s easy to do that in the summer, but why wait?  Let your feet hit the snow and have the cold freeze your tired and aching feet.  What a better way to experience a beautiful snowy landscape!

Sure, we’ve been requiring hiking boots since we opened in 1978, but we are up for something daring for our 40th summer in Vermont!

Yep, SUMMER!  There’s no snow in summer!  Happy April Fool’s Day!

We open in 40 days and one thing we are not fooling about is we extended our special that ended last night for one more day!

It might seem like this snow will never end and we woke up to another foot of fresh powder in Vermont this morning, but spring will come.

Have a great April 1st.  Get outdoors this weekend and enjoy whatever landscape your area has to offer.

But, first take a moment to book your 2017 New Life Hiking Spa Wellness Vacation in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont and take advantage of a huge savings on your nightly rate if you book today!

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New Life Hiking Spa & Wellness Retreat is suspending the 2020 season.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  Please read the full statement on our blog.