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Soon the snow will begin to melt and vibrant spring flowers begin to bloom, it as if nature is signaling that it’s time for a fresh start. Whether you are stressed, bloated from winter or just in need of a break, it can be easy to ignore your health. It’s hard to make real changes when you find yourself stuck in the routine of your hectic daily grind.

If you’re like most people, staring at electronic devices, grabbing fast food and staying up late has slowly but surely become a part of your lifestyle. While you probably vowed to make real changes at the beginning of the new year, these old habits are hard to avoid. For real change in your life, consider making this summer vacation a trip to a wellness retreat.

Attending amusement parks and lounging on the beach are certainly typical summer vacation activities, and while they’re thrilling, they’re not conducive to starting a healthy lifestyle. Chances are, you will indulge in high-calorie treats and become stressed over traffic and crowds, which in turn, leaves you feeling regretful and tired, defeating the purpose of a getaway. Instead, a wellness retreat is designed specifically to improve both your mental and physical health to reset your mind as well as your body.

Despite typical spas and retreats, which focus on excessive luxury, a wellness spa should hone in on your overall health. If you are considering a trip to a wellness retreat or spa, be sure to choose a program that includes practical luxuries, such as rejuvenating massages and the inclusion of healthy food. This allows you to feel pampered without the guilt or hassle of counting calories.

Similarly, a solid wellness retreat understands the importance of getting in touch with nature. Whether through hiking, kayaking or other outdoor activities, the great outdoors should play a large role in the program to ensure that you are relaxed and active. During your stay, disconnecting from social media and technology is also encouraged. This ensures that you take the time to smell the flowers and take in all of the serene sounds of nature.

Although your ordinary vacation may seem exciting, a truly excellent vacation will leave you feeling rested, restored and healthy. If you are unsure if a wellness retreat is right for you, contact Jimmy & Kathleen at New Life Hiking Spa to learn more about health and wellness spas and all of the benefits they have to offer.

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New Life Hiking Spa & Wellness Retreat's 2020 season dates will be May 14 - October 5.
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