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A couple of summers ago, I took my children to a library in a Vermont town about an hour away.  They were attending an art class once a week for a month during the summer and there was an adorable, quaint historic library next door.   As we went in to browse around, we decided to get a library card and check some books out since we would be there weekly.

As we were checking out, my son looked for a scanner and we were instructed by the librarian to come to the front desk.  She took out an old rubber stamper and ink pad and proceeded to move a dial on the stamper to set the date the books would be due.  My kids had never seen anything like that and I was reminded of my elementary school days, and how long ago they were!

As the librarian was chatting with us and stamping the dates on index cards to put in the back pocket of the book, I wondered if this archaic ritual would in turn make us late for art class.  I took a deep breath and reminded myself that this is why I love spending the summers in Vermont.  In addition to the respite of cool mountain breezes compared to the heat and humidity of Florida, it is very much like going back in time to when things were at a simpler pace.

There are many things in Vermont that bring you back to the simpler time.  One can travel on Route 4 all the way from Mendon to Quechee and you will not find one fast food restaurant.  However, you will find many farmer’s markets and fruit stands with homemade signs.  Vermont is also the only state in the country that has a capital city (Montpelier) that does not have a McDonalds. 

We are also the last state in the continental United States to get a Target.  It will open in Burlington in October of 2018.  I often hear of big box stores trying to come into Vermont and even though they offer convenience, I don’t ever want Vermont to lose that “going back in time” vibe.  Growth is a little slower in Vermont, but that is fine with most people I know who cherish this quintessential New England state.

Keep this in mind when you book at New Life Hiking Spa this year.  We did update our website in 2016 and it was quite a step up from the original site Jimmy had built in 1997.  Our new site is mobile friendly and offers secure credit card authorization processing.  However, one thing it does not offer is the ability to show what weeks are full. 

Until recently (actually, last season) it was rare that we had days we were consistently booked.  Our reservation system served us just fine because once we started getting full, it was only people who were trying to make last minute reservations who needed to call to make sure we had space.

We have never gotten so full, so quickly before we even opened for the season.    Our 2018 season dates are May 17 – October 1.  While you can still make reservations online, we are requesting that anyone who is planning to come to New Life Hiking Spa during the dates of May 24 – July 15 or August 13 – October 1, to please call Jimmy at 802-353-2954 to make sure there is space.

We are pleased to say that we have kept our prices to continue to be the most affordable in the country for destination spas and wellness retreats.  Many like to take advantage of early booking specials and that is one of the ways we can say “thank you” to our return guests.  At this time, we have specials for the nights we have more than seven rooms available.  The special is for May 17-24 or July 14-August 12.

We have been doing this for 40 years now and this is Jimmy’s 41st summer running New Life Hiking Spa in Vermont.  It opened on Memorial Day Weekend in 1978!  We so appreciate everyone’s support over the past four decades.  There are quite a few that are still in contact with us from those first few seasons!  If you would like to send Jimmy a Happy 40th Anniversary wish, please do so below.  I will be compiling all the responses and presenting them to him at some point this summer! We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Be well,

Kathleen LeSage

Send Jimmy a Happy 40th Anniversary wish!


2020 season reservations are now available!

New Life Hiking Spa & Wellness Retreat's 2020 season dates will be May 14 - October 5.
Please make your reservation on this website. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-802-353-2954.