Each winter we dream of summer – the warmth, the easy living, and all of the weekend road trips we want to take – but as the season starts our schedules always seem to be packed full of commitments, conflicts, and often times stress. Destination Spas advise on taking a second to breathe and on enjoying the “lazy days of summer” (as best we can!) “Even in the summer, which is supposed to be a slower time of the year, we can all feel overwhelmed by life’s curve balls and commitments,” says natural health and wellbeing expert Debra Koerner. 

The Destination Spa Group, which includes properties like Canyon Ranch, Rancho la Puerta and New Life Hiking Spa – just to name a few, has always been dedicated to preparing guests for a life of wellness and longevity. After a visit with these notable destination spas you’ll bring home a great to zest for life, knowledge to help you maintain a spa lifestyle at home, and a healthier and happier version of yourself! If you can’t make it out to one of these great spas they’ve rounded up some Words of Wellness to share with us! Read on for wise, wellness quotes from industry leaders:

“Wellness is the health of mind, body and spirit. All three have to be in line together to really define a total being of wellness. One can be at a healthy weight and exercise regularly, but if that same person is in a stressful life situation or not feeding the spirit, the other areas need to be focused on and brought into alignment in order to experience complete wellness.”- Kathleen LeSage, New Life Hiking Spa

The team at Canyon Ranch encourages you to share a mindful adventure. “Rather than spending your evening walk together rehashing the events of the day and worrying about the rest of your week, focus instead on the shared experience you are enjoying. Share one of the reasons you enjoy this time together and ask the other person to do the same.”

Raelene Honeycutt of The Heartland Spa advises, “Any activity worth doing should include an element of education. Summer is a fantastic time to learn about bugs, flowers and how our bodies work. Visit your local farmers’ market, not just for the food, but for the experience. Learn when you go. Take pictures. Enjoy every moment.”

From the SpaFinder Wellness Blog seen here:

Destination Spa Group: Summer Words of Wellness

New Life Hiking Spa & Wellness Retreat is suspending the 2020 season.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  Please read the full statement on our blog.