I spent three weeks at the Vermont New Life Hiking Spa during July of 2019.  I loved the luxury of not grocery shopping or cooking.  I enjoyed the hikes and the camaraderie.  And I found Vermont to be perfectly lovely and relaxing.  The weight fell off my body with a pleasing regularity of 4 1/2 lbs. each week.  After three days, the smaller meal portions felt filling.  As Jimmy LeSage says, “I was keeping the pond clean, and my body was happily responding”.  I left Vermont feeling lighter both spiritually and physically.

When I came home, the sabotage began, most of it, alas, from me.  One of my well-meaning relatives was immediately and vociferously concerned that I wasn’t eating enough.  Nutritious, well-balanced meals did not miraculously appear before me on schedule.  No daily exercise programs magically materialized.  Once more, I embraced some bad habits.  While I managed to keep off the weight I had lost, I didn’t lose anymore.

Some months later, I called Jimmy to see if New Life would open for the season.  While it was closed due to Covid19, happily, Jimmy was not.  He has made a virtue of necessity and has begun using his considerable skills to counsel folks about their health issues via the telephone.

My backsliding experience is typical according to Jimmy. My challenge has been to bring those healthy Vermont habits into my daily life. This is his new service.  He has helped me in figuring out the best way to integrate the healthy habits of clean eating and regular exercise into my everyday existence.

Jimmy brainstorms ways that will work for client’s specific situations, whether it is improving grocery shopping, conquering fuzzy thinking, overcoming cooking ruts, negotiating new eating habits, or dealing with exercise issues.  He has helped me in all these situations.

I loved the Vermont experience, but I know that making the changes at home via Jimmy’s coaching is where the improvements in health for the long haul will occur.

— Lydia S.