I learned of New Life Hiking Spa through a friend who described the experience as an active hiking and fitness adult camp in the mountains of Vermont that creates a feeling of healthy living.

We decided to go, but then learned New Life was closed due to Covid19.  However, Jimmy mentioned he was beginning phone food consultations as an alternative to New Life. I signed up as I really felt I needed a change in my lifestyle because what I was doing was not working.

When I started working with Jimmy, weight loss was my main focus.  I had been on and off many dieting routines, but I wasn’t consistently losing weight.  Jimmy helped me adjust my thinking and gave me tools to make better food choices that yielded real results and healthier habits.

During my first conversation with Jimmy, he immediately introduced me to my “pond” a.k.a. my body as a pond.   This was a totally new concept to me.  I then read his book “New Life’s 40 years of Authentic Wellness”, so I could understand his language.  There are several great things I can share about his book, but a few that where most beneficial:

  • Really understanding the concept of my body as a pond. A pond is made of water. My body is mostly water. If I want a clean pond, I must add more water-based food to it, not the abundance of pond polluting sugar, fat and salt that is so much a part of our food options.
  • Reading labels more efficiently.
  • Detailed recipe substitutions.
  • Eating at restaurants and social events. Preparing in advance and really knowing how your food is made.

Jimmy’s extensive background in the food and wellness industry, is as obvious as his passion about helping everyone have cleaner ponds.

We have never met nor seen each other, but he listened to me: my habits, my concerns, and straightforwardly met me where I was in my journey to wellness. I almost fainted on the phone when Jimmy told me to stop weighing myself.  Even over the phone, he could tell I took that advice like a gut-punch. The scale was how I measured my success or failure; every day, sometimes, several times a day.  I came to realize how unhealthy that was and while I haven’t hidden my scale in the garage, I don’t use it as often.  Jimmy help me recognize the stress of the scale wasn’t helpful.

My consultations were personalized even though his concept is universal.  Abandoning my scale, I realized that ponds aren’t healthier because they are larger or smaller, they are healthier when their water is cleaner.  I needed to focus on cleaning my pond, not shrinking it.  A clean pond will regulate itself.  That is what happened. I managed to steadily lose weight by incorporating tools Jimmy suggested– tools that were aligned with my lifestyle.  I didn’t stop wanting ice cream, but I stopped wanting to eat an entire pint in one sitting.  I kept exercising and learned to do so at times that would help me create more energy. I learned how to read labels quickly, understanding the sugar and salt content and the deceptions that food packaging and labels can have.  I am a smarter shopper.  I learned shortcuts for days when I don’t have time to cook and prep and I finally learned how to eat out!

I had a vacation planned, which fell in the middle of our sessions. By this time, I had new knowledge, but what was I to do when I’m in Jamaica at an all-inclusive resort?   Jimmy guided me and Authentic Wellness had step by step tips about eating out.  I managed to go on vacation, enjoy myself, and not feel deprived. Yes, I had cake. Yes, I had ice cream. No, I didn’t come home ten pounds heavier.  I still exercised and filled my pond with water-based foods before the cake and ice cream. I was even able to use the same techniques, when I returned from vacation, at family gatherings and eating out at restaurants.

My consultations with Jimmy was time and money well spent.  I learned how to clean my pond and have a healthy relationship with my weight lose goals.   Jimmy helped me create an urban New Life Wellness retreat at home and I visit every day.

— Wendy S.