It’s hard to believe almost a year has passed since we announced New Life Hiking Spa would be closing for the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Jimmy and I undoubtedly thought planning for the 2021 opening (the forty-fourth summer running New Life) would be under different circumstances.  However, due to the ongoing issues, we are writing to share sad news.

There is hope on the horizon with regard to vaccines, but for planning purposes, the horizon just isn’t close enough.  There are still strict quarantines in place for Vermont.  As the months go by, they will most likely be lifted as the coronavirus numbers decrease around the country.  Nevertheless, we have a unique seasonal business and with the uncertainty around this summer, it has become clear that we will not be opening for the 2021 season.

As many of you know, New Life Hiking Spa is more than simply renting a hotel room.  New Life is a hiking program, transporting guest groups in vans, eating together, spa services, providing yoga classes and fitness programming, while doing it in a hotel that is shared with other guests and offering an affordable, all-inclusive rate.   Our host hotel has been purchased by a new owner and extensive renovations are planned for this summer.  We have been looking at numerous other options, but held out on finalizing anything in hopes that we would have a clearer picture of what the summer would entail for details regarding our specific summer business.  That clearer picture has not surfaced in time to plan a successful season.

Over our past four decades in business, we have been fortunate to become known as one of the top wellness retreats in the industry by numerous publications.  We got there by offering a quality wellness retreat at a very affordable, all-inclusive price.  The pandemic has impacted every aspect of our program last season and going into this summer. The bottom line is we have no choice but to once again cancel the season.

Although Vermont has been very strict with quarantine and business restrictions, it has been lauded as “the state that should be a model for the rest of the country.” We fully support the measures put in place to keep everyone safe.  However, we have a special seasonal business and these measures have impacted us greatly.

Jimmy and I have been running New Life Hiking Spa together for 18 years.  Prior to New Life, I spent a large portion of my hospitality marketing career at Marriott Headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland.  Furthermore, it was a Marriott relocation to Florida that would serendipitously bring me to meet Jimmy.  Since the mid-90’s I have spent hundreds of nights in Marriott hotels.  I have always taken for granted their commitment to cleanliness.  Nonetheless, during this pandemic, it is the number one thing I look for when staying in a hotel.  I simply will not stay anywhere else.  That is why I am excited to refer you to one of the Marriott properties in Vermont.

As we enter the spring and summer season, there is no doubt you will want to visit Vermont, even if it is to hike and explore the “Green Mountain State” on your own. There is simply no state like Vermont and we encourage you to safely visit our beautiful little state, even though we are closed.  As restrictions lift, the businesses that are open year round will need visitors. We are pleased to announce that I have developed a marketing partnership with Marriott to offer you something until we are able to open again.  We have a specialized link that will bring you directly to a page with all the Marriott hotels within the state of Vermont.  This specific link has been created for New Life Hiking Spa, so in addition to this email, you will find access to it on various pages around the website, including on our “Reservations” page.   These links will be active until September 30, 2021 and I encourage you to book through our website.

For those of you who want to stick with a 100% wellness vacation, give Jimmy a call at 802-353-2954.  We have three places on the East Coast to refer you to that offer hiking and wellness programming.  They are at three very different price points and in three different states, so it would be best to have a conversation with Jimmy.  He will refer you to the best place for your needs if you want to do a wellness retreat in 2021.

Lastly, Jimmy has been providing wellness consulting to those that need a bit of at-home tune up on wellness!  This is perfect for those who are not quite ready to travel yet, but want a personalized approach to getting back on track after the year we have all had.  You can read more about Jimmy’s wellness consulting HERE.

We miss you and we will miss New Life Hiking Spa again for another summer, but we know we are making the right decision even though it is difficult news to share.  Please click on the below photo to go to New Life’s specific Marriott link.


Kathleen LeSage