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New Life Hiking Spa is Undergoing Some Changes!

Jimmy LeSage, M.S. had a vision and saw the opportunity to open New Life Hiking Spa for its first season in 1978. His goal was to give folks the opportunity for fresh air, exercise and wellness activities, downtime for relaxation and healthy food.  After 25 years in business, in 2003, Jimmy married Kathleen and together they grew New Life Hiking Spa to one of the top-rated wellness destination vacations in America.

New Life Hiking Spa has been closed since the start of the coronavirus and there are some changes happening over this summer.  Our website will be getting an overhaul and information will be coming out in the fall.


For over four decades, New Life Hiking Spa has provided retreats each May-October in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  Winter retreats have also been held in Tortola and Nicaragua.  New Life Hiking Spa is currently on hiatus due to issues pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Along the way accolades have been earned, awards won and stories were written about Jimmy and New Life Hiking Spa. However, just as it was in the beginning, Jimmy is just happy when people feel better after their stay. One of his favorite sayings, ‘It’s all good’ is heartfelt and filled with intention to make it happen for each and every guest.  Jimmy and wife Kathleen now host hundreds of guests from May to October. Committed to making a positive influence on getting back to nature, eating well, exercising and living stress-free, Jimmy is planning to keep his favorite recommendation in mind, ‘Let’s take a hike’.

We are unable to run our wellness retreat again for the 2021 season due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  However, please do not let this deter you from coming to Vermont and planning your own vacation!

We are pleased to have partnered with Marriott International to give you an option to plan your own Vermont getaway.  Use the below link provided to get the best rates and flexible cancellation.

Plan your Vermont Vacation in 2021 at  Marriott Property.

New Life is truly a unique vacation experience

New Life Hiking Spa and Wellness Retreat may bring to mind oil treatments, big white fluffy robes, and cushioned slippers but that is not what you’ll find. Sure, there are wonderful opportunities to unwind with a massage after a hike, but the experience they want to share is the luxury of the Vermont environment, the Green Mountains, the fresh air, the healthy food, and the feeling of well-being that you’ll leave with.

An affordable wellness retreat for all adults

Over the years, New Life Hiking Spa has become known as the original wellness retreat. 

New Life Hiking Spa has earned top accolades from major publications including the #1 U.S. destination spa in Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2016.