Guest Comments

“A big moment for me was when I was able to climb Mount Killington. And doing the advanced hikes. Because there was a time when I wasn’t able to walk or breathe. Now my usual stay is anywhere from six to 11 nights. I highly recommend the 11-night stay for anyone who really needs to get on the right path. I lost an average of 7 to 9 pounds when I stayed for 11 nights. Of course, that doesn’t happen now since I don’t have the weight to lose. Now it’s just a cleansing of my system … New Life is very affordable, and it has kept me in line for all these years. Whenever I stop exercising, I always get back on track when I get there.”

– Sarah Caron, New Life Hiking Spa repeat guest
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“The entire program is outstanding with a variety of scenic and challenging hikes daily, All meals are tasty, healthy and varied. Guests and guides are a delight. Massages very helpful and with a great variety of class yoga, pool classes, a dance class plus strength and stretching offered frequently choose what you want. No pressure, not institutional, no pampering. Just what we needed. This was our first time – 11 days and we’ll be back!”

– Dave G., 2019 Guest

“Hiking & enjoying the beautiful scenery is a great way to spend your mornings.. Being out in Nature every day, pool exercises and yoga make for a lovely afternoon. Laughing with new friends each night at dinner that’s what it’s all about.”

– Chris F., 2019 guest

“Being that I had never stayed at new life before I didn’t exactly know what to expect. But immediately Jimmy welcomed us and made us feel at home by giving us a tour of the lodge and pointing out pertinent details. My girlfriend and I love hiking so we decided to spend a few days at New Life and we’re excited for the experience. I thought the community of people that were there during our stay were super friendly and all very outgoing. The place had a summer camp feel, organized meals, activities but plenty of time to relax as well. The food was delicious….The hikes were amazing and so were the guides…. Also want to mention that the massage that was included in our stay was amazing!! I would definitely consider coming back!”

– Ellen S. 2019 guest

“My three weeks at New Life was truly trans-formative in every way imaginable! My experience with the caring and wonderful staff, provided me with the skill sets and habits necessary to ‘bring home’ a much healthier life style. Working closely with my primary physician, we made my time at New Life the jump start and model for addressing several serious health challenges. As a direct result i was successful at significantly reducing my weight, strengthening my core, clearing my mind. Working closely with my primary care physician i am enjoying the added bonus of reducing my medications! All the way around my experience has given me an outstanding start at a New Life!”

– Anthony S., 2019 guest

“New friends, new memories….not being concerned about our careers, life success, fashion, none of that but the personal challenges that life can throw our way. Recently I lost my husband, was going to cancel my stay at New Life, but so grateful I didn’t. I returned home relaxed and mentally stronger to continue with whatever life is going to throw at me.”

– Marcia L., 2019 guest