COVID19 Update and Commemorative Facemask

Signs of spring and summer are upon us, cabin fever has set in, and I know all of us are excited to get this pandemic behind us. For many of you reading this, a vacation to New Life Hiking Spa is the last thing on your mind right now but there are many people who have...

2020 Season Important Information

Updated – April 9, 2020 Dear New Life Friends, We are closing for the 2020 New Life Hiking Spa season, but we do plan to open for 2021.  We have been a seasonal wellness destination vacation for over 40 years and this is the first time in our history we have not...


“A Visit to New Life Hiking Spa” by Travel Writer, Karim Orange was just published. Karim Orange came to New Life Hiking Spa during our 2019 season and gives an overview of her five-day stay. Click HERE to read the full article.

Vermont Wellness Retreat Focused on Nature and Hiking

“Everyone wants to come back from their vacation feeling satisfied they were able to get rejuvenated and invigorated.  However, more often, folks say they need “a vacation after their vacation”. In fact, most people admit childhood was the last time they really...

2020 Update

This will be updated with information for the 2020 season for the Spring Newsletter.

Covid19 has brought many unexpected changes to New Life Hiking Spa and we are currently readjusting to our "new normal." Please keep in touch by subscribing to our newsletter and reading our latest blog posts.