For more than 40 years New Life has maintained the same natural approach to wellness vacations.

There is no better place to concentrate on your wellness than the Green Mountains of Vermont.  Hiking, fresh air, fresh food, yoga and massage services will put you on track with your wellness needs.

It’s all in the name — New Life Hiking Spa.

We are well known for our accessible hiking program tailored to all fitness abilities in the gorgeous Green Mountains of Vermont. We have been around every summer since 1978, but sadly we are not able to open in 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic.  

Jimmy LeSage, M.S., the founder of New Life Hiking Spa, has recently published 40 years of Authentic Wellness to help everyone on their journey. It is a great read either in preparation for your vacation with us or once you get home.  Additionally, Jimmy is offering wellness consulting from the comfort of your own home to help you get back on track with your wellness.