What exactly is a “hiking spa”?

New Life Hiking Spa is a wellness retreat with the main focus of our program being hiking. We also offer spa services in the afternoon and evenings. We have a complete program that includes hiking, spa services, meals, fitness classes and wellness lectures. We do not have a “day spa” type area. We have spa services such as massage and reflexology available. One service is included with each three night stay.

I am new to hiking or have not hiked in years, will I be able to do this program?

Yes! We have hiking for every level of hiker. Each day, we offer at least three levels of hiking. This is to accommodate the many people who are beginners. Please see our hiking page to read about the levels of hikes.

Do you have a program in the winter?

No. New Life Hiking Spa & Wellness Retreat is open each season from mid-May through early fall when hiking is at its peak in our area of Vermont. Since hiking is the focus of the program, we are only open seasonally. Our 2020 season dates are May 14 – October 5 and we are now taking reservations.

Who goes to New Life Hiking Spa?

Men and women from all over the world have come to New Life Hiking Spa to experience our award winning hiking and wellness retreat. We have had guests range in age from 18-85, with the majority of our guests in the 35-65 range. Solo travelers, couples, friends, parent/adult child, and small groups attend New Life.

Will I feel comfortable coming by myself?

Absolutely! New Life Hiking Spa is known for being a fabulous solo vacation. We were just featured in Travelers Today in an article titled “Why You Need a Solo Wellness Retreat to New Life Hiking Spa in 2020”. Feel free to click the link to read all about why we are a great solo destination.

What is the food like at New Life Hiking Spa?

The food at New Life Hiking Spa is healthy, whole, natural food prepared onsite. A good overview of our food philosophy can be found here:

For those really wanting to understand the background of New Life Hiking Spa and our approach to healthy eating, information on the Founder & Director, Jimmy LeSage’s book can be found here:

Please note: We are an all-inclusive program and three meals a day are included. However, we are not all you can eat or buffet style. Our meals are served to you plated restaurant style and we do not offer second helpings.

Is New Life Hiking Spa a weight loss program?

Many of our guests come to lose weight. In addition to being a top-rated wellness retreat, New Life Hiking Spa has also become known as a top weight loss spa and retreat. Our guests who come for longer stays do have significant success with weight loss. Our program is focused on wellness, not a dieting fad. Therefore, the program is centered on getting back to nature. Daily hikes, fitness classes, healthy food and massage is designed to help you detox and get healthy and weight loss is a result of the program.

I am already an advanced, fit hiker, will I be challenged?

Yes. We offer an advanced hike every day. We have many guests who are coming for a wellness vacation and not specifically to lose weight.

What should I bring?

Dress is very casual. We do require high-top hiking boots, even if you are planning on doing nature walks. Please see our list of what to bring here:

What are the rooms like at New Life Hiking Spa?

Each room is equipped with either two double beds or one king bed and a private bath. We run our program out of an existing hotel that caters to skiers in the winter on Killington Mountain. All rooms have high speed wi-fi, a mini fridge, coffee maker, flat screen tv and hair dryer. Our program is all-inclusive and only guests of New Life Hiking Spa can participate in our programming, guided hikes, eat meals in the New Life dining room and schedule a New Life massage. For pictures of the accommodations and photos of the grounds, see our accommodations page here:

Covid19 has brought many unexpected changes to New Life Hiking Spa and we are currently readjusting to our "new normal." Please keep in touch by subscribing to our newsletter and reading our latest blog posts.