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New Life's Food Philosophy

At New Life Hiking Spa

we offer three, freshly prepared healthy meals a day included in the nightly rate.

Guests are seated and served in the New Life Dining Room for each meal. Guests eat together in a casual and comfortable atmosphere. At New Life, you will feel comfortable if you come as a solo traveler (which makes up at least half of our guests) or with a friends. You will probably even make new friends!

What type of food do we serve?

Healthy, whole, natural food. Below is a good overview and please contact us if you have individual questions.

New Life Hiking Spa advocates a respect for the nutritional value of food as well as its origin, seasonality, availability, and freshness. Whenever possible, we serve food that is raised locally, using sustainable techniques by farmers and purveyors who have a respect and love of the land on which we live.

The idea of the New Life food is understood by answering one question:

What is your body mostly made up of?

The answer is water. Therefore, you want to fill and fuel your body with water-based foods.

The guests at New Life Hiking Spa have enjoyed water-based foods since the beginning of New Life.

This philosophy has not needed to change. I witness its profound effects as the New Life food philosophy continues to improve the health of guests each year.

Since the beginning of New Life and after thorough research, I realized that fruit and vegetables should be the foundation of healthy eating and the New Life food philosophy. These are our best sources of water-based food.

At the time of our opening in 1978, a small produce company also opened for business, Black River Produce. They were unique because they would deliver any fruit or vegetable in small quantities. This allowed me to get exactly what I needed delivered right to our doorstep. I have been ordering 40 to 50 produce items each week from them ever since.

After a few years of New Life, I saw a pattern emerge in the cost of the food at New Life.

Regardless of what diet trend was popular over time (and boy, where there a lot), the pattern has never changed. The biggest bill I pay every month for the food you eat is to Black River produce. The second biggest bill I pay is to a health food store. The third is to a regular food company, like Sysco or US foods. I would venture to say that very few restaurants have this ratio of food cost. This formula is a formula for healthy eating. Healthy, water-based food is #1.

Incorporate this ratio into your eating habits. Put mostly fruit and vegetables in your grocery store cart. Then figure out a way to get these foods into your body. I have some suggestions that may help you with this approach.

Put food in your shopping cart from the peripheral of the grocery story. You want to buy very little in the middle part of a grocery story. I came up with this idea in the early 80s and it has been confirmed by many returning guest to be a very helpful strategy. Just make sure to keep away from the processed meats.

2020 season reservations are now available!

New Life Hiking Spa & Wellness Retreat's 2020 season dates will be May 14 - October 5.
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