New Life at Home

remote wellness consulting with Jimmy LeSage, M.S.

For over 40 years, New Life Hiking Spa has been a healthy getaway to recharge your body and mind. Many of you have used New Life as your refuge from the real world to get back on a healthy track.  For several of you, it has been your yearly getaway.  Our guests have not had the opportunity to re-charge in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont due to Covid19. In the meantime, until New Life opens again, please review the below information on New Life @ Home with remote wellness consulting.

Over the past decades, many repeat guests would return to New Life and say to me, “I was good until around the holidays”.

We have the holidays approaching in a world where staying healthy is important on so many levels. 

I am offering food consulting to help you put the heathy Vermont New Life habits into your daily life at home.

Based on over 40 years as the founder and director of New Life Hiking Spa, having a M.S. in counseling, and extensive experience in all aspects of wellness, I have learned that changing eating habits is a subjective, multidimensional process.   Therefore, I have come up with a multidimensional process for wellness and food coaching for us to do remotely where ever you are located.

I have developed a personalized approach to help you integrate healthy eating into your distinctive relationship with food.   This is based on my method to work with the education, psychology and sociology of eating.

Give me a call to learn more about this process and how it can help you in these trying times.

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Jimmy brainstorms ways that will work for client’s specific situations, whether it is improving grocery shopping, conquering fuzzy thinking, overcoming cooking ruts, negotiating new eating habits, or dealing with exercise issues.  He has helped me in all these situations.

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Lydia S.

The most important part of my change is Jimmy and I talk weekly about my progress.  Having him support me in my efforts, continue to educate me about eating strategy and making suggestions on how to improve on what I’m doing is a critical link in all this. My heartfelt thanks to Jimmy for continued help in turning my life around and helping me feel alive again!

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Mike G.

My consultations with Jimmy was time and money well spent.  I learned how to have a healthy relationship with my weight lose goals.   Jimmy helped me create an urban New Life Wellness retreat at home and I visit every day.

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Wendy S.